Open source N-Tier development framework to build distributed applications.


Af-Arch a complete framework composed by a set of libraries, tools and auxiliary applications which allows to develop distributed applications.

To build distributed applications may sound as cool as difficult. However Af-Arch is designed to take advantage of the distributed computing concept while keeping the impact of this concept in your work as low as possible.

From a developer point of view it is middle-ware to communicate components running on computers which may be physically separated in a way that they exchange data structures without worrying about details such as networking, threading, asynchronous or synchronous remote method invocation, etc.

Network protocol is implemented using "BEEP Core protocol" through Vortex Library. Message exchanged between nodes are implemented using XML format.

Af-Arch have been designed to be easy to use, keeping in mind productivity. Af-Gen tool, the IDL compiler for the framework, allows to generate fully working servers from a few lines.

Af-Arch not only implements another RPC system allowing you to invoke remote services transparently. It also provides services for locating components and services, native support to manage users, group and permissions to control which services are executed by a particular group or user.

We can think about Af-Arch as a middle-ware to build database oriented applications without falling into the pitfalls of such as systems.